Thursday, June 4, 2009

Save Hundreds of Dollars by Lowering Your Electricity Bill with One Phone Call

The other night my husband and I went to dinner and our waiter told us how he had just bought a house and talked about how much money it takes to run a house and keep it up and going. Of course, I explained about many ways of saving money with coupons, etc., but also I explained that one of the easiest ways to save money on your monthly bills is to check how much he is paying per kilowatt each month on electricity. I have posted this before, but I don't think people really understand how much they spend each month on electricity and how much they could be saving.

When I originally posted about HERE, my friend Stephanie was paying 24 cents per kW each month!! YIKES!! We locked in a year ago with Gexa (they offer continental miles for every $dollar you spend each month) at half that rate and on Monday my husband called again and we once again locked in at an even lower rate of 9.7 cents per kW without any other costs associated it with (ex: cancellation fee) which is even lower than what is quoted on is an energy comparison website for the Texas area with all providers listed, but I am sure that every state must have comparison websites for their savvy savers!

Lowering your electricity bill is easy and takes just one phone call - What a BRIGHT IDEA! Let me know what deal you got and how much you saved!


  1. Hello! I just got my outrageous electric bill from TXU yesterday and could not believe I was being charged almost 22 cents per kW...then I saw this blog post and decided to make that call to Gexa too and just switched providers. I got the 12 month plan locked in at 10.9 cents but that is an average that includes the monthly service fee and metering it actually is 9.7 cents per kW hour too. I also got bonus miles on my Continental frequent flyer miles. I imagine my bill would have been cut in half this month had I switched long ago...thanks for sharing!!!

  2. Marie-----
    I had the worst day!!!! I mean a really bad don't feel good day and you just made it turn around! You made my DAY!!!! I'm so glad to hear that I helped you save money!!! You absolutely made my day. thank you!

  3. It would be absolutely wonderful if we could do this in nevada. We have a money sucking power company that just raised our rates to take effect in Aug 90 for 16% - they just keep raising rates and don't do anything for consumers. They even turn off power when the power on elderly who are late in paying their outrageous rates. I HATE our power company! I hope everyone else is able to save though - maybe something will happen in our state.