Thursday, October 15, 2009

Randall's Quick Trip and Last Joint Juice Run

Spent $0.69 after Catalinas
Plus received $4.33 for price right guarantee
Saved $40.97

My son and daughter begged me yesterday to get them some pumpkin pie and orange juice and I just ran out of time so today I had to make a trip to Randall's to make good and of course they were OUT OF PUMPKIN PIES! Can you believe? Out of pumpkin pie in October. Finally an employee found the LAST one in the back!! Didn't realize pumpkin pies were so popular or that my children loved it so much.

My joint juice catalinas were expiring on the 16th so I decided to do my last jj transaction since the $5 of 7 catalina is no longer printing. A heads up though - joint juice is on sale for $1.00/each so if you buy 7, your final cost will be $7.00, but you will earn a $10.00 catalina (through the 18th).

7 Joint Juice - $1.00/each
-$5 off 7 catalina
Final Cost = FREE plus earned a $10 oyno catalina

2 Tropicana Juice - $2.99 each
-$1.00/2 peelie
Final Cost = $4.98 or $2.49/each
(2) O Organic Milk - $4.99/each
-50% off red tag
Final Cost = $2.49/each
Whole Wheat Bread - $1.89
-$3.00 oyno catalina from previous transaction HERE
-$10.00 oyno catalina from previous transaction HERE
Final Transaction Cost = $0.40 plus earned a $10 oyno catalina
Transaction 2
Cool Whip - $1.49
Pumpkin Pie - $3.99
London Broil - $6.18 was on sale with loyalty card and also (30% off) , but it did not ring up at the sales price(I realized this after I got home so next time I am at Randall's I will show them the mistake and their policy is to refund for the full amount paid for charging incorrectly.)
Bananas - .62
Carrots 1 lb. - .69
-$10 Catalina from transaction 1
Final Transaction Cost = $0.29


  1. Excellent deal !

    The pumpkin crop was not that good this year so all pumpkin products will be in short supply until mid to the end of October. The pumpkins we buy for carving at Halloween are mainly a different variety than in canned pumpkin.

  2. The price right guarantee excludes meat, alcohol and dairy, so don't be suprised if they only offer back the difference in price, rather than the full price.

  3. Great trip!

    I forgot to mention in my other posts that at both stores where I bought JJ today they rang up at $1.39. There was no price tag on the shelf at the first store and I don't remember seeing a price at the other store so I don't know if this was the "correct" price or not.

  4. Steph -
    thanks for the clarification on the price check. the customer service rep gave me the FULL amount minus the 30% coupon I had paid ($4.33) I guess she was not aware of the meat, dairy exclusion either.