Friday, October 2, 2009

Randall's Summary Money Maker on SC Johnson, Joint Juice & Kleenex Deals

$17.29 PROFIT
After Rebates and Catalina
(Starbucks and 1 Hersheys bar missing from picture)

Okay, so here is the Summary of how 3 Randall's transactions in combination with coupons, in-store sales, manufacturer deals and rebates can become HUGE SAVINGS!!!! All three deals are broken down HERE, HERE and HERE.
Let me know how you did in the comment section or email me at!
UPDATE: A couple of readers have left comments that they did not receive the $10 catalina and were told that the promo was over. The cashier or service rep is INCORRECT. I did the deal this morning around 9:30 and again at 2:20 (I will post later). It lasts thru the 18th. If you do not receive the $10 catalina WHEN YOU BUY 7 or 8, go to customer service and have them do a dummy sale where they scan your randall's card and purchase the 7 joint juice and it should print out the $5 off 7 coupon catalina and the $10 catalina once the transaction is COMPLETE. I've done the deal now numerous times and did have once where the catalinas did not print out. I went over to customer service and she told me that 1. the deal must be over and 2. it is because I used a catalina to pay for it. (funny since I had already done the deal 2 times) I asked her to please do a dummy sale on a different register. She did and what do you know...the catalinas printed out. I did the deal at least 5 times after that and like I said did 2 more today.
Here is the joint juice catalina deal:

Between 9/21 & 10/18
Buy 3-4 Joint Juice Fitness Water & get $3.00 catalina on your next purchase.
Buy 5-6 & get $5.00 catalina
Buy 7 or more and get $10.00 catalina

Hope this helps and sorry for those of you who did not receive the catalina on your purchase. Hiccups do happen sometimes, but can be easily fixed.


  1. I went to Randals today and the catalina machine did not give me anything for buying 7 joint juices. They told me it wouldn't make a mistake and they believe the deal was over with for getting back $5 in catalina's. How were you able to get this today?

  2. Hi Nadia,
    Well, unfortunately the employees at Randall's are mistaken. I did it this morning and just got back from doing it again at 2:30 (I will post later). What you can do is go to customer service and tell them that you purchased 7 and did not receive the $10 catalina.
    It did not print out for me once and the customer service had to do a dummy purchase and then both catalinas printed out. Also, make sure that you scanned your Randall's card. If you still have any problems, let me know.

  3. Nadia,
    I also meant to tell you that if all the above doesn't work to call the Catalina company at 1-888-826-8766 and give them your receipt information. They will send you the $10 catalina and $5 off 7 JJ once they verify your receipt.

  4. today is oct 5th, and i was wondering if the joint juice catalina $5 off 7 is still working and is the 10 catalina still going.


  5. Hi Lisa,
    It is said to run through Oct. 18th!!

  6. i went to randalls monday to roll more joint juice deals and the $5 off 7 coupon did not print. the 10 catalina did. i guess rolling won't be as fun as before:(
    just wondering if you had the same experience.