Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Randall's Freebie Deal and Money Maker

Saved $34.36

I was at Wolf Camera working on pictures for our school's yearbook and had a free hour while they processed a picture cd for me. There was a Randall's next door and I did not have any coupons with me, but I wanted to take advantage of a deal going on right now before it's over tomorrow. Great thing for peelies!

Transaction 1
4 Scrubbing Bubbles - $4.29 on sale B1G1 FREE
-$4.60 home care savings in store promotion wyb 4
- (2) $2/2 peelies found on canisters
Final Cost = FREE plus -.02 overage

Transaction 2
Repeat Transaction 1
I thought I may as well stock up on bathroom cleaner.

The coupons did beep and say item not found. The cashier had to override and burst out laughing when 2 pennies came out each time in the change return. The woman standing behind me said how did you do that and I took her to the cleaning aisle and showed her the peelies and then explained the combo of store promotion plus manufacturer coupons. As I was walking off she was loading her cart with 4 cans of scrubbing bubbles bathroom cleaner. I also found a great coupon book, Family Essentials Coupon Book which I will post later

To make a money maker on this deal you can apply for the SC Johnson Rebate posted HERE and get back $5 for each transaction! If I had not already sent in for the rebate it would of made this transaction FREE plus a $10.04 Money Maker after rebate!!!

UPDATE: I sent in my 3 SCJ rebates mid-October and received 3 checks in the mail already ($15 or $5 each).

thanks katycouponer for the headsup


  1. have you received any of the SC johnson rebates? i sent them in when the deal started and have yet to receive anything back ????

  2. Hi Anon -

    I mailed in my rebates around 10/6 and I just received 3 seperate emails on 11/7 stating:

    "Congratulations! Your submission for the SC Johnson Multi-Brand Buy 3 get $5 Rebate has met the requirements as stated on the order form. Your request was mailed on 11/06/2009. Please allow 2 to 3 weeks
    for delivery.

    For home-care tips and ideas, product news and more money-saving offers, join S.C. Johnson’s Right@Home™ by visiting http://www.RightatHome.com/signup.

    For details on SC Johnson-National privacy policy, please visit http://www.scjbrands.com/privacy/."

    If you have not received any emails like the one above and you mailed your rebates in around the same time I did then I would call 800-410-5235 to check on the status.

  3. Are the Scrubbing Bubbles still on sale today, 11/18?

  4. Do you know how long this B1G1 deal is good for?


  5. Hi anon and tanya -
    I think the b1g1 sale and home care savings wyb 4 ended yesterday

  6. I took my married daughter to Randalls last night. We each snagged 8 cans (4 per transaction). My cashier laughed as well when she say the total of $.02 (due).

    What a great deal!! Thank you so much for sharing. I am now stocked up for several months (if not an entire year).

  7. wish you had posted this a little earlier


  8. Weird thing about the scrubbing bubbles. My first transaction, 1 of the coupons beeped, but for the second, it did not.

  9. Steph,
    Funny you say that because I don't remember those peelies beeping in previoius transactions I did last month so I was a bit surprised they did this time. Interesting on the 2nd one