Monday, November 16, 2009

Vacation Over....Back to the Savings!

Sorry for the lack of posts this past week. We were on vacation for a friend's birthday and it was beautiful.

While we were there it was funny though because my friend is not a coupon savings seeker. She noticed some sunscreen products I was using (posted here, here, here and here) and then noticed the price tag on one of them (banana boat).

She said, "Wait a minute, this bottle was priced at $11.47 and is marked for $2.87 so you only paid $2.87 for this sunscreen! I paid like $15!"

Unfortunately, I had to pour a little salt in her wound since she makes fun of my coupon savings sometimes and explained to her that actually I paid about 25 cents for each bottle of sunscreen after using coupons and register rewards. I then explained to her that I bought 3 bottles so actuallly she paid $45 for her 3 sunscreens while I paid less than a dollar for ALL THREE of mine!!!

She then became very interested in savings and asked me "Is it better to shop at Walgreens, CVS or Target? Who has the best pricing?" That small question turned into a little savings workshop during the middle of our deep sea fishing trip. Pretty funny. My answer was simple though. One is not better than the other and it just depends. If you can be flexible, look for store sales going on, match those up with coupons and stockpile items you use often, you will be amazed at how much savings are available at ALL your favorite grocery/drug stores.

It ended on a great note. She seemed a little savings stunned still not understanding how she paid $45 and I paid less than a dollar for the same items. It was like we set this up, but then she said, "I don't know, you will have to show me. Can I borrow some of your lip gloss?" She then laughed and said, "Oh, and don't tell me you got this for a dollar" I laughed and said, "No, actually, I got it for FREE (HERE)" .......She about fell out of her chair.

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